About Us

Christine lives in the DC Metro area and creates everything on this site in her home studio.  She's got a wide variety of interests, that frequently merge to inspire new works.  Her love of nature is easily seen in the organic, sometimes random or "earthy" appearance of her art.  The multiple SnarkyFish brands represent different aspects of her artistic expression. 

Green Bottle Upcycling provides an outlet for her eco-conscious side to experiment with a more challenging glass medium.  Bottle glass and upcycled glass of unknown origin present unique challenges to the fused glass artist since their exact working properties are usually unknown.  But the challenge of transforming trash into treasure keeps her engaged.

SnarkyFish Glass Art is where she practices a more precise form of glass art with both fused and lampworked creations.  This is also where she gets to play with the wide array of available of art glass colors.

Finally, The Prevailing Garden is her newest brand.  Every year, she takes close-up photos of nature in her own backyard in suburban Maryland.  She's created a pesticide-free wildlife habitat right outside her own back door and marvels at the constantly changing beauty of nature.


Email:  SnarkyFishGlassArt@gmail.com

Phone:  ‪(240) 391-7440‬