Store FAQs


 How do you ensure your products arrive intact?

 We wrap it with love, kisses, and lots of bubble-wrap, we tuck it into bed in a tight-fitting box, and we swaddle it with packing tape.  That generally prevents crushing by ordinary packages being placed on it.  But we can’t predict how many hippos, cast-iron railings, water balloons, and other difficult-to-wrap items will also be on the delivery truck, so despite our best efforts anything could happen to it.


 What is your warranty on your products?

 We warrant that the products we made and offer for sale are artistic, that they are often made of glass we have “upcycled” (i.e., trash turned into treasure), and that they are fit for viewing and display.  We do not warrant that our products will inspire your fish to breed, that they are immune from breakage, or that they are so magical that your in-laws won’t criticize you.


 If a glass product arrives broken, how do I demonstrate I didn’t break it?

 Breaks caused by a flaw in the glass look different than breaks caused by dropping it on the floor or hitting it with a hammer.  If you alert us within five days of receipt, we will be happy to give you a refund or replacement for any flawed piece.  We will need pictures of the breakage, specifically: (1) one picture of all of the glass pieces together with the packing material, and (2) a few detailed, close-up, and in-focus pictures of the break points.


 Can I get a refund for a glass product that breaks after it arrives?

 If the break occurs within five days of receipt, we will treat it as having broken during shipping, in which case we will need the pictures described above.  If it happens after five days, no, we will not refund that because glass is easily broken for many reasons besides how it was made.  Please use due care in handling glass.


 Can I get a refund for a product that I find I just don’t like when I get it?

 Art being a matter of taste, how one reacts to seeing an actual piece (versus seeing just a photo online) is unpredictable.  If you ship the item back to us, at your own expense, within 14 days of the sale, we will happily either replace the item with a comparable piece or offer you store credit.  We do not offer refunds for reasons other than physical flaws in the product’s construction.


 What if my fish don’t like the glass product I got from you for them?

 We recommend sending them to art school. 



 What if I put your glass product in my fish tank and all my fish die?

 We think you should return the fish to the pet store where you got them, they were clearly defective. 


 If I cut myself on the broken pieces, will you cover my medical costs?

 Glass shards are dangerously sharp and can cut deep, nasty wounds.  If you are responsible enough to have a credit card and are savvy enough know how to use it, then you should already know the dangers of glass shards, and are thus able to act with due care.  Therefore, you are responsible for covering medical costs for your handling of the shards.

 If you are even thinking of claiming you don’t know glass shards are sharp and dangerous, then you should ask your mommy or daddy to put a Spiderman bandage on your ouchie, and let them take the credit cards away from you.  We will happily mail your parent(s) a couple of those bandages if they want.