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Tiny Aquarium Fish Cave

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This is an aquarium-safe fish cave made from an upcycled glass bottle. The bottle is carefully broken into pieces, arranged to form a random pattern and fused back together flat in a kiln. The piece is then fired a second time to create the domed shape. The cave is then cleaned of any residue from the kiln and any remaining sharp edges are carefully filed down to make it safe for the fish. You may see scuff marks on this item. I hand polish any rough edges that remain after firing to make sure it’s as safe as possible for your fish. These marks will not be visible once the piece is underwater.

I use these in my own fish tanks. Because they are glass, they're easy to clean and sanitize if you move them between tanks.

Not all fish will use this type of shelter, but often I find plecos and other dark-loving catfish will use them. Small cichlids will also use them for spawning. I've seen Apistogramma and small African cichlids defend them as spawning territories. I have also had luck partially burying them in the substrate and letting the fish dig them out as they see fit.

Width: 3 inches

Depth:  3 inches

Height:  1 1/4 inches

Customer Reviews

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Debra McCleland
HAPPY! African Dwarf Frogs LOVE IT!

Tried other aquarium decorations my little “Toad & Mushroom” totally avoided, however, glass cave was explored 1st. day & often find they are resting in this wonderful option : )