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Purple, White, and Aqua Striped Glass Lampworked Bead

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Ready to Ship! This handmade lampwork bead was made from a mix of COE 104 lampworking glass (may include Effetre, Color is Messy, or Vetrofond brand glass) swirled to create one-of-a-kind, unique glass jewelry art. These beads are also sometimes called "gravity" beads, which refers to the technique used to make them. Stripes of different colored glass are laid down along the mandrel, then heated until the glass is runny. Then gravity and careful manipulation of the glass on the mandrel is used to stretch the stripes and create the layered arcs of color.

This one of a kind focal bead was made by me. It was kiln annealed after it was made to ensure it lasts and the bead release cleaned from the mandrel hole.

You receive the exact bead pictured.

The Details
Bead hole size: 3/32 inch
Weight: .2 oz
Size: .7 by .5 inch