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Real Cicada Wing Jewelry, Brood X, Copper Electroformed Pendant, Gift for Nature Lover, Fairy Wing Pendant

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This one-of-a-kind pendant is made from a real Brood X cicada wing. Conductive paint was applied to the piece, and it was electroformed to leave a layer of copper on it. This particular piece also went through a process to allow the copper to form a very light patina in some areas. Finally, it was coated with a sealant to preserve the patina.

Copper patinas evolve over time, so the patina may continue to darken. This is normal. Heavy wear and exposure to chemicals (like swimming pools and hot tubs) may cause the sealant to wear off prematurely. In this case, the patina will continue to change at a faster rate.

Handmade item

Materials: Copper

Only 1 available

Length: 9

Height: 2